How Do You Decorate a Bathroom With a Free-Standing Toilet Paper Holder?


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Decorating a bathroom with a free-standing toilet paper holder is a matter of matching that holder to the decor. These toilet paper holders come in countertop models, which work well in bathrooms without a lot of floor space, and in floor models. The two basic types of holders are available in a variety of finishes, including chrome, polished brass and brushed nickel. Wood toilet paper holders are not as common but work well in rustic cabin settings.

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The chrome look is sleek and shiny, perfect for an ultra-modern bathroom with the minimalist chrome faucets, recessed lighting and frameless shower stall. The countertop toilet paper holder needs some strategic space, either on a corner of the vanity or perhaps on the toilet tank lid. The floor model can go anywhere that works. A feature on some of the floor models is a handy magazine rack on the bottom.

A polished brass free-standing toilet paper holder goes well in a bathroom with a nautical theme. Pair it with a wooden or painted vanity, and maybe a round mirror that resembles a porthole. The brushed nickel finish is more refined, and these holders do well in high-end bathrooms with lots of marble and classic fixtures. A recreated Victorian theme with a fancy chandelier and an antique vanity goes well with this subtle gray metal look. Match the holder with the hardware on the fixtures for a more coordinated look.

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