How Do You Decorate an Apartment?

To decorate an apartment, choose temporary elements that can be removed when the resident moves to a new rental, such as window treatments, potted plants and decorative wall art. Avoid any decorations that permanently alter the apartment's appearance or structure, such as painting walls or replacing floors, without the landlord's permission.

For variety, focus on several different decorative elements when decorating an apartment.

Step 1: Hang window treatments

Soften windows and control light by hanging drapes, curtains and other window treatments. If the treatments require drilling holes in the wall, ask the landlord's permission first.

Step 2: Cover the floor with a rug

Since tenants in apartments have little control over flooring, purchase a rug that can be taken upon leaving the apartment. Layering multiple rugs in the same space adds visual interest to the apartment.

Step 3: Hang artwork

Artwork eliminates the bare walls in an apartment and brings in the resident's personality. If the landlord does not allow tenants to nail holes in the wall, attach art to the wall with colorful, removable tape borders to simulate frames.

Step 4: Hang mirrors in small rooms

Small apartments feel larger when the decor includes reflective surfaces. In addition to mirrors, consider glass tabletops or metallic surfaces to help bring more light into the space.

Step 5: Bring in potted plants

Most apartments do not include garden spaces, but indoor plants add life and color to the unit. Window boxes are especially useful because plants get plenty of light when placed in windows.