What Decor Matches With White Bathroom Sink Cabinets?


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Mostly white decor such as a white tub, toilet, window frames and architecture goes perfectly well with white bathroom cabinets. However, you can break up the white with a golden-brown marble or granite vanity top, a dark wood door with glass panels and dark metal hanging lights and wall sconces. You can also break up the whiteness of the floor with a trim of blue mosaic tiles.

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White bathroom cabinets also go well with an overwhelmingly white bath and shower combination with polished silver fixtures, a white shower curtain and a brilliantly white wall with a band of blue tiles. In this bathroom, paint the walls around the cabinet celadon green, and the vanity top gray. A vase of flowers also adds a welcome pop of color.

The cabinets are also at home in a bathroom that's entirely white, though different shades of white. One option is to texture the walls in a very light gray which echoes the veins in the white marble of both the floor and the vanity top. The door, toilet bowl, linen closet and towels should all be pure white.

Another option is to make the white bow-front cabinet less stark with soft Naples yellow walls with white molding and a floor in a very pale peach-colored marble. The colors of the towels should echo the floor.

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