What Is Deck Skirting?


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Deck skirting is a framed screen attached to support posts below a deck. It is used on elevated decks to conceal what is between the deck and the ground and as a base.

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There are many forms of deck skirting. Some options for deck skirting are lattice in either wood or vinyl, brick, faux stone and solid wood. Some things to consider when deciding on the skirting material are appearance, ventilation, maintenance and pest control.

Lattice is the most common form of deck skirting and the easiest to install. It allows some visibility to what is below the deck and some small animals can get through it. It allows for airflow below the deck, which is important in keeping rotting wood and other moisture-related problems at bay. Solid boards, bricks and faux wood can be run from the support beams and spaced tightly together to make a solid, wall-like skirting to the deck. Vents should be added to solid skirting to allow for air circulation and to keep moisture from building up below the deck. In some places, building codes may require gates be installed in deck skirting for access to egress windows and utilities that are under the deck.

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