What Deck Kits Does Home Depot Offer?

The Home Depot does not offer deck kits, but an online deck project planner is available at HomeDepot.com. The project planner essentially helps customers put together their own, fully customized deck building kit.

The project planner guides customers as they learn about building a deck and allows them to compare the pros and cons of different decking materials and determine the materials needed for their deck designs.

By viewing a slide show of deck anatomy, a customer can learn all the components of a deck so she can design her own deck. The project planner also offers video tutorials that walk the customer through the different steps of building a deck. Articles and guides provide helpful tips for estimating the amount of materials needed and how to correctly measure, square and level a deck.

The project planner shows the customer the initial costs, maintenance costs, weights and other features of different types of wood she can use to build a deck. Once the customer decides on the type of materials and the size of the deck she wants to build, the material estimator tells her the size and number of wood planks she needs as well at the types and amounts of hardware she needs to build her deck.