How Do You Decide Between a Charcoal and Gas Grill?


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To decide whether to buy a charcoal grill or a gas grill, the consumer should compare the safety of each type of grill, the ease of maintaining and using each grill and the flavors each grill provides. In terms of safety, gas grills are better because they include a switch to turn off the flames, while a charcoal grill remains hot for a long time after use.

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Maintaining a gas grill is easier than maintaining a charcoal grill; gas grills are also easier to use. Typical gas grills are ready for use after turning on the propane and pressing the ignition switch. The grill does not need to heat up, and no extra maintenance is required other than lightly wiping down the grill's cooking surface after the food is done.

In contrast, old ashes must be cleaned out of a charcoal grill before it is used. The charcoal must also be lit and allowed sufficient time to heat before food is placed on the grill. The grill's cooking surface must also be scraped clean after it cools down. A final consideration is that charcoal grills give food a natural smoke flavor, while gas grills tend to give food a slight gassy flavor that some people find unappetizing.

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