What Are Some Dealers That Sell POR-15 Rust Preventative Products?

What Are Some Dealers That Sell POR-15 Rust Preventative Products?

POR-15 sells its rust preventative products through its own website, through Amazon, and through specialty coating and rust removal services such as The Eastwood Company. Absolute Coatings offers Web access to a local POR-15 dealer locator as well.

POR-15 rust preventative coating is designed for direct application on seasoned and rusted metal surfaces, stopping rust permanently through a specific chemical curing process. The product protects metal surfaces from water, salt, chemicals and other corrosive contaminants. The product features a high level of chemical resistance due to its densely cross-linked molecular composition and non-porous nature.

While POR-15 sells this product to the general public through its company website, POR-15 products are also available on Amazon. Amazon offers a guarantee of customer satisfaction and promises refunds to unsatisfied purchasers. As of 2015, Amazon does not offer one- or two-day shipping for this product due to federal regulations.

The Eastwood Company sells POR-15 rust preventative products along with a variety of other automobile restoration products. The company sells rust treatment, prevention and removal products from a variety of manufacturers in addition to POR-15, including its own brand.

Absolute Coatings has a comprehensive database of authorized POR-15 distributors throughout the United States. Enter an address or postal code to find a list of the closest authorized POR-15 dealers.