Who Are Some Dealers of Graco Paint Sprayers?

Who Are Some Dealers of Graco Paint Sprayers?

Grapek Company in Philadelphia, Airtech Spray Systems in Houston and Shelton Fluid Technology in Los Angeles carry Graco paint sprayers of various models and types. The "Where to Buy" menu selection at Graco's website allows customers to search for dealers and distributors of paint sprayers and other Graco products.

A paint sprayer is an automated device that distributes paint over a wall or other surface using a trigger-activated sprayer. It offers several advantages over a manual brush or roller. The completed finish is usually smoother and more evenly coated, and it takes less time to spray paint onto a surface than to paint it manually.

Graco and other manufacturers produce both air-powered and airless paint sprayers. Air-powered models use compressed air to distribute paint over a surface, while airless sprayers operate via compression.

While airless models usually have lower prices, they can also cause injuries. When operating an airless paint sprayer, keep all body parts away from the nozzle. The high pressure used to eject paint can break the skin.

Paint sprayers work best for large work surfaces that require an even coating. For detail work, such as around moldings or door hinges, it is better to apply the paint with a small, high-quality brush after finishing the majority of the project with the sprayer.