How Do You Deal With Pigeons on the Roof?


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Effective ways to keep pigeons off of the roof include installing spikes as a deterrent, applying surface repellents, using pigeon scare balloons and adding motion detectors, according to Wildlife Animal Control. However, many of these methods are temporary and do not address the source of the problem.

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Pigeons start landing regularly on roofs due to easy access to food as well as suitably flat surfaces for roosting and nesting, reports the Humane Society. Preventing them from landing requires homeowners to not only install deterrents but remove whatever is attracting them. Pigeons are attracted to scattered birdseed, leftovers, crumbs and other food waste. Slowly reducing the amount of food set out and cleaning up food attractants regularly help disperse the flock to more manageable levels.

Devices such as wooden or metal sheeting attached to window ledges at angles can prevent pigeons from landing, says the Humane Society. Bird wires can be installed to keep them off ledges, railings and other areas, while large areas can be covered by netting. In areas with more serious infestation, strips that generate a mild electrical shock can be installed. Under no circumstances does the Humane Society recommend using sticky gel repellents to deter birds, which can prove harmful to many species of birds and other small wildlife.

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