How Do You Deal With a Pigeon Infestation?


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Deal with a pigeon infestation by removing sources of food and removing or blocking flat roosting areas. Flock sizes can be decreased by using OvoControl, a chemical that reduces clutch sizes and hatchlings rather than killing the pigeons, suggests The Humane Society of the United States.

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How Do You Deal With a Pigeon Infestation?
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One of the most important steps in getting rid of a pigeon infestation is to stop feeding or providing food sources for the birds. Don't leave food outside that attracts pigeons or intentionally feed them bread crumbs. Tie up garbage bags well so that pigeons can't get into the trash. Those who feed other birds also inadvertently feed pigeons. This practice must be discontinued until the pigeons stop coming around, then may be resumed at varying times of the day.

Another way to deal with a pigeon infestation is to remove possible roosting and nesting areas. Because pigeons look for flat surfaces, attach wood or metal sheeting to window ledges and roofs. Covering these areas with bird wire and netting also prevents birds from using the surfaces.

Deal with severe infestations by attaching mild electric strips to flat surfaces. These strips deliver a mild, non-lethal electrical current that helps the birds associate an unpleasant experience with the area, causing them to avoid it entirely.

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