How Do You Deadhead Roses?


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To deadhead roses, cut the stems above the buds that have five or seven leaflets using scissors or pruning shears. Although there are several ways to deadhead roses, this method is simple and takes less than half an hour to prune a small rosebush.

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  1. Determine the shape of the bush

    Stand back so that you can look at the rosebush and determine which stems need to be pruned. Envision the rosebush in the shape of a vase or elongated oval. The finished shape should encourage airflow through the plant.

  2. Check that deadheading is appropriate

    Make sure that you are able to deadhead the type of rose that you have. Landscape roses, for example, can be pruned with hedge shears, while roses that produce hips do not need deadheading. Look over the rosebush, and check that the plant is healthy. Prune unhealthy roses less.

  3. Cut the stems

    Hold the stem that you want to cut in one hand. Look for a five-leaflet or seven-leaflet bud that is facing outward. Cut the stem at an angle just above the formation of that bud. Clear excess foliage from the inside of the rosebush. Deadhead the rose lower on the stem to encourage the formation of larger blooms. Perform deadheading at least once a week.

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