How Do You Find a Dead Mouse in a Wall?

dead-mouse-wall Credit: De Agostini Editorial/De Agostini/Getty Images

To locate a dead mouse in the walls of the home, it is necessary to locate the room and specific area of the wall with the strongest odor. Homeowners will also need a tool, such as a utility knife for drywall, to cut a small hole in the wall to remove the mouse. Locating the mouse may take several hours if the odor of the rodent is difficult to isolate.

  1. Isolate the scent

    To find a dead mouse, identify the room where the odor is the strongest. Mice are typically found at the bottom of the wall, between the studs, and the odor is often most noticeable in areas near the floor.

  2. Follow any insects in the home

    A dead mouse in the walls may attracts pests, such as blowflies. If pests are present, locate the room with the largest pest population, and smell along the base of the walls to find the specific location of the unpleasant odor.

  3. Cut a hole in the wall to remove the mouse

    Cut a small hole in the wall after isolating the odor, and remove the mouse. If the odor is widely dispersed and difficult to pinpoint, it may be necessary to cut several holes before locating the dead mouse.