What Does the DCS Home Security Manual Contain?

What Does the DCS Home Security Manual Contain?

DSC Home Security manuals include information such as package contents, features, system information and access codes. They also contain information regarding the security bar, including bypassing sensors, disarming the system, the emergency button and troubleshooting. Additionally, the manuals provide information regarding widgets, settings, safety and compliance, as well as diagrams and setup instructions.

Widgets included in DSC Home Security manuals include both system and Internet widgets. System widgets are features such as cameras, lights, thermostats and night mode, while Internet widgets include news, sports, traffic, photos and weather.

Settings described in the manuals include button options, security settings, sounds, codes and screen options such as background images and screen savers. Access code settings allow users to change access codes, add and delete access codes, and add and delete users. Other items found in the settings section include the installer and time zone settings.

The troubleshooting section of the manual discusses in detail the cameras, Wi-Fi settings and dark screen. Dark screen often indicates that the system is in night mode and needs to be reset. Each troubleshooting topic lists the problem, possible causes and a resolution for each cause.

The manuals also include both a table of contents and an index, so users can easily find the content they seek without paging through the entire 60-page manual.