What Are Some Daylily Varieties?

What Are Some Daylily Varieties?

The midsummer-blooming daylily variety Fellow has 7-inch purple blooms atop 2-foot stems and pairs well with Country Melody, a fragrant day lily with 5-inch yellow-throated bright pink flowers. The 5-inch blooms of Karen Sue feature white sepals and ruffled rose-pink petals. Open Hearth provides a strong focal point to the garden setting with its 9-inch coppery red blooms, and the old stand-by Hyperion is an easily grown classic with fragrant 5-inch lemon-yellow flowers on 40-inch stems.

Hemerocallis, commonly called the daylily, is a sturdy, long-lived perennial with stems (scapes) ranging from 5 inches to 5 feet in height. Daylilies have evolved from their original shades of yellow, orange and russet to modern varieties that bloom in combinations of deep purple, red, rose, pale yellow, gold and lavender with ruffled, spider-like, double, re-curved and flat flower forms. Planting a mix of early-, middle- and late-season cultivars maintains constant daylily blooms in the garden.

Happy Returns has 3-inch lemon yellow flowers, begins blooming in June, and continues throughout the season until frost. Another ever-blooming daylily is the dwarf variety Rosy Returns, featuring fragrant 4-inch rose-pink flowers, a deeper rose eye-zone and yellow throat.

Early mid-season varieties include 'Tis Midnight, a dramatic near-black cultivar with fragrant, funnel-shaped deep burgundy flowers and recurved petals surrounding bright yellow throats. Righteous Remnant is a near-white mid-season bloomer with semi-evergreen foliage and 6-inch chartreuse-throated white blooms atop 25-inch stems.

Crimson Shadows is a late-blooming daylily with velvety crimson 5-inch flowers and ruffled petals, and Late Flair is a late-season re-blooming variety with 4-inch plum rose flowers with darker veins and golden throats.