What Are the Dangers in Purchasing a Used Donut Machine?


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One of the biggest dangers of buying used donut equipment is that the equipment is too old or in need of repair. If the equipment is very outdated and doesn't come with a warranty, it can be expensive or even impossible to repair.

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Some issues with used donut machines are common with buying any type of used equipment: the product doesn't come with a warranty, the product arrived in poor condition or the seller does not provide adequate instruction for how to use the product. Lil' Orbits is one website that sells used donut-making equipment with a warranty, parts and repair service and free advice from staff.

With a large number of chain donut shops opting to have their donuts made in a centralized factory as opposed to in-house, the market for used donut-making equipment in 2015 is larger than ever before. The downside to this is that there are a large number of products being sold cheaply and without much regulation. Old donut fryers might be in danger of developing cracks, while others may not come with fat traps or accessories necessary for cooking other types of donuts. With these issues in mind, it is worthwhile to ask questions and compare the value of used equipment to new equipment before making a final purchasing decision.

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