Where Do Daisies Grow?

Daisies are native to northern Europe, but they are now propagated all over the world. These popular white flowers with yellow centers grow well in containers and in garden beds. A variety known as the English daisy grows as a weed throughout the northwest United States.

Daisies belong to the family Asteracae, and there are many different varieties, the most popular of which are the shasta daisy, painted daisy and African daisy. All of these varieties feature a yellow center with numerous white petals. Each daisy is actually comprised of two different types of flowers -- the disk florets, which form the yellow center of the daisy, and the ray florets, which form its petals.

Each daisy plant has three or four flowers. Daisy plants are smooth with leafless stems, and each stem holds a single flower. The popular varieties generally reach about 1 to 3 feet in height, and they are perennials, which means that they grow back year after year.

There are two main ways to grow daisies. The first is to collect seeds from a mature daisy plans and sow they while they are fresh. The second is to make stem cuttings from a mature plant and encourage them to grow roots by planting them in a moist compost mixture with rooting compound.