How Does a Daikin Heat Pump Work?


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A Daikin heat pump works by transferring heat from the ground into the interior of a building through secured piping that is buried underground. To cool residential and commercial buildings, Daikin heat pumps transfer heat from the internal space to the outside air.

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A Daikin heat pump is essentially an air conditioner with heating capabilities, for an all-in-one solutions for residential and commercial customers. The geothermal system uses closed loop piping to transport air. The ground of the Earth serves as the heat transfer medium combined with a mixture of non-toxic antifreeze and water that is pumped through the pipes to warm and circulate air into the interior of the home.

During warmer temperatures, a Daikin heat pump absorbs heat within the air to cool the home. A refrigerant is also passed through the inside coil and evaporated, sending the hot air through the secure piping to the ground.

Daikin heat pumps are considered to be cost-effective heating and cooling solutions that are energy-efficient through the use of renewable energy. The heating and cooling systems are approximately 300 percent energy efficient, as of 2015. The unit increases the natural air quality and is environmentally-friendly without the use of fuel tanks, smoke stacks or boilers.

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