How Does a Daikin Heat Pump Heat a House?


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Daikin heat pumps rely on a refrigerant to transfer heat from inside of a building to the outside, thereby cooling the building's interior, or to transfer latent heat from outside air indoors, thereby warming the building's interior. The units use what the company calls inverter technology to accomplish this.

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According to Daikin, its heat pumps are roughly 300 percent efficient, meaning that for every unit of energy the pumps use while operating, an additional minimum of three more units of heat are generated for use inside a home or other building. The company reports that its heat pumps, with their inverter technology, not only cost less than other heat pumps, they require less maintenance over time, saving money on repairs as well.

The Daikin Altherma line of pumps offer high- and low-temperature options to accommodate a wide variety of buildings, from small to large and from historic to contemporary. One model, the Flex Type, is especially suited to apartment complexes and hotels.

Daikin also manufactures heat pumps geared toward commercial and industrial operations. This line is designed to meet precise industrial cooling and heating requirements as well as keep customers in retail settings comfortable regardless of whether outside temperatures are hot or cold.

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