What Is a Cylinder Lock?


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A cylinder lock is a type of lock, often used on doors, which has a cylinder that rotates to move the bolt and cause it to unlock and lock. A common type of cylinder lock is one in which the cylinder contains a row of tumblers, or pins. A key is inserted into the cylinder lock to lift the pins, which aligns them so that the cylinder can rotate.

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A cylinder lock is also called a profile cylinder lock. Locksmiths can change the lock without needing to change the hardware of the bolt. The cylinder is easily removed from the bolt by opening a set of screws. Different cylinders can also be used with the same key, allowing a user to have different types of locks that can be opened with the same key. Different types of cylinders include nightlatch, key-in-knobset, Scandinavian round mortise and Ingersoll format cylinders.

One company that offers secure cylinder locks is BiLock. BiLock locks are bump proof and pick proof. Bumping a lock allows anyone to enter a home by shifting the pins in place so that the cylinder can turn. BiLock cylinder locks contain more than 11,000,000 possible combinations, protecting the lock from bumping.

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