What Is the Cycle Time on the Heavy Wash Cycle on a GE Dishwasher?

The cycle time for the heavy wash cycle of a GE dishwasher varies depending on the style of dishwasher. The average cycle time for the heavy wash cycle is 30 minutes; however, this time is for the wash cycle only, and does not include filling, pausing or pumping out water.

The total washing time for GE dishwashers can last for two hours. The washing time is increased if the dishwasher needs to heat the water. Dishwashers with a sensor option can increase or decrease the wash time depending upon the cleanliness of the dishes.

GE lists 67 dishwasher models on its website, as of February 2015. In addition to the GE models, GE also makes dishwasher models for the Cafe, Profile and Artistry series. The Profile series is characterized by modern design, while the Cafe series is inspired by professional kitchens, and the Artistry series has a classic look.