How Do You Take Cuttings From Wisteria?

Take cuttings of wisteria from softwood, or wood that is still green and has not developed any woody bark. Gardening Know How suggests taking cuttings that are about 3 to 6 inches long and that have at least two sets of leaves present. To propagate the cuttings to form new wisteria plants, take the cuttings in late spring or early summer to ensure sufficient time for growth.

Use pruned pieces of a wisteria plant or cut clippings specifically for propagation. Prepare the wisteria clippings for rooting by removing all the leaves on the lower half of the clipping, as these are the points where the new roots form. Trim the clipping so that the bottom node, where the leaves previously were, is about a 1/2- to 1/4-inch from the bottom of the clipping.

Dip the bottom of the clipping into rooting hormone and place the clipping in a prepared pot with well-moistened soil. Cover the pot with plastic wrap or a plastic bag, propped up with sticks to prevent the plastic from touching the clipping. This step ensures the proper amount of moisture and humidity for rooting wisteria. Place the pot in indirect sunlight, and water it frequently to keep the soil moist. Within four to six weeks, the clipping will sprout roots.