How Do You Take Cuttings From a Hawthorn Plant?

Hawthorn plants generally respond well to softwood cuttings, rooting themselves within a few weeks. Tools required include pruners, rooting hormone, planting containers, peat moss, sand, clear plastic bags, a commercial potting mixture and a spray bottle.

  1. Obtain the cuttings

    Make a cut on a softwood stem just below leaf or bud growth, removing approximately 4 to 6 inches. Stems should be the diameter of a pencil.

  2. Plant the cuttings

    Remove the leaves from the lower half of the stem and dip 1 inch into the rooting hormone. Plant the Hawthorn cutting in a container filled with one-half peat moss and one-half sand. Cover the container and cutting with a clear plastic bag, sealing the bag tightly. Place the container in indirect sunlight. Mist with water as needed to keep potting mixture moist.

  3. Move the cuttings outdoors

    Check the cutting for roots after two to three months. Once roots are 0.5 inches long, reset in a 3- to 4-inch container filled with commercial potting mix. Recover with a plastic bag for a week and move outdoors in the spring. Place the plant in an area that receives indirect sunlight the first year, replanting it to its permanent location the following season.