How Do You Take a Cutting of a Jade Plant?


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Grow more jade plants by taking a cutting from a parent plant. This process takes between an hour to four days from cutting the stem to planting it. You need a knife, cotton balls, rubbing alcohol, paper towels, a pot, sharp sand, potting soil, rooting hormone powder, a warming mat and cactus potting mix.

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How Do You Take a Cutting of a Jade Plant?
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  1. Choose a stem

    Choose a thick stem for your cutting. It needs to have plenty of healthy foliage. If the stem looks damaged or the foliage is wilted, choose another limb.

  2. Remove the stem

    Sanitize a knife with rubbing alcohol and allow it to dry. Cut the limb 4 inches from the tip. Remove any leaves attached to the bottom 2 inches of the stem.

  3. Care for the cutting

    After the stem is removed, use a paper towel to dab away the liquid leaking from the cut end. Allow the stem to rest in a location with plenty of heat and sunlight. Discard any leaves that yellow during this time. Wait until a callus forms on the cut end.

  4. Plant the cutting

    Fill a 3-inch pot with sharp sand and potting soil. Spread rooting hormone powder over the cut end of the stem. Place that end into the pot, and press the soil around it. Only water the first inch of soil. Put the pot on a warming mat in indirect sunlight.

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