What Are Some Cute Front Yard Patio Ideas?


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Building a pergola with hanging plants, adding a patio couch, and creating a small tiled area with modest seating and potted plants are cute front yard patio ideas. Other ideas include designing a tiered wood deck surrounded by palm trees or a rock patio with a modest water feature.

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One cute idea is building a pergola over a stone patio, then adding a table and chairs to create an outdoor breakfast nook. Potted plants add to the ambiance. A front yard patio can also be screened off for semi-privacy with lattice walls or a trumpet vine-covered arbor. Adding an overhead fan keeps the area cooler all day long. Creating privacy is also easy with lush growth, leafy trees and bushes.

Even a small front yard patio area can get a face lift with a modest or tiered wooden deck. Potted plants can be placed on the separate tiers with a few patio chairs and a table on the main deck. Installing lattice walls behind the patio provides a separation from the rest of the yard and adds a growing place for vines and trailing plants.

An outdoor patio that only includes the immediate area around the front door can still be improved with quaint cobble flooring, a few potted plants to frame the door, and a bench and chair for seating.

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