How Do You Cut a Wine Bottle?


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Cut a wine bottle by scoring a line using the tip of a drill bit for glass, heating the line with a candle and holding the bottle under cold water. Smooth the cut using sandpaper. Protect your eyes during the process by wearing safety glasses.

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  1. Protect your eyesight

    Before attempting to cut a wine bottle, put on safety glasses to protect your vision. Protect your hands by putting on gloves.

  2. Score a line

    With a steady hand, use the tip of a drill bit designed for drilling through glass to score a line around the outside of the bottle.

  3. Heat the glass

    Light a candle, and hold the scored line over the flame, turning the bottle slowly. Continue heating and turning the bottle until the line is very hot, approximately seven to nine minutes. Keep your fingers and hands away from the heated area.

  4. Cool the glass rapidly

    Hold the bottle under a stream of very cold water. The temperature differential should cause the bottle to crack at the weakest point, usually the scored line. Twist the top and bottom apart to complete the cut.

  5. Smooth the edges

    Use sandpaper to smooth the area of the cut. Make sure there are no sharp edges before using the cut bottle.

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