How Do You Cut Vinyl Siding?


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Cut vinyl siding quickly and efficiently using hand tools such as a utility knife, tin snips or aviation snips. The choice of tool depends on whether you are cutting the siding lengthwise, across its width or dealing with trim pieces.

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  1. Mark the cut line

    Make a mark on the piece of siding using a piece of chalk to ensure that the cut is done in the proper location. For marking a line across the width of the siding or a piece of trim, place a straightedge across the piece of siding, and draw the chalk across the width of the siding along the edge of it. For horizontal cut lines, use a chalk string to make the mark along the length of the siding.

  2. Cut the width of the siding

    Use a pair of large-bladed tin snips to cut along the width of the siding piece. Cut along the chalk line to ensure that the line is a straight one. For cutting the length down on a piece of trim, use aviation snips to cut along the drawn cut line.

  3. Cut the length of the siding

    Cut the siding lengthwise by scoring the siding along the cut line with a utility knife. Bend the siding back and forth along the cut line to snap it at the scored cut.

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