How Do You Cut Swiftlock Flooring?

How Do You Cut Swiftlock Flooring?

Cut Swiftlock laminate flooring by marking the cut on the unfinished side of the board with a carpenter's pencil, running painter's tape along the mark, and using a table or circular saw to cut straight along the line. Use a dust mask and eye protection while cutting with power tools.

  1. Mark the line to be cut with a pencil and straight edge

    Carefully measure your laminate board to find the correct place to cut. Mark the cut on the unfinished side of the flooring using a straight edge, such as a yardstick, and a pencil.

  2. Protect the board with painter's tape

    Press a piece of painter's tape along the edge of the pencil mark. Keep the edge of the tape even with the mark without covering it. The painter's tape adds extra strength along the cut edge to minimize the risk of chipping.

  3. Clamp the board into position

    Firmly clamp the board down to keep it from shifting during while it is cut. Use spring-loaded clamps to avoid damaging the finished surface of the laminate board.

  4. Make the cut

    Cut the board along the marked line with a circular or table saw. Use a carbide blade to get a clean cut. Hold the end of the board that is being removed to keep it from falling until the cut is complete. This decreases the risk of unintentional splintering from the end falling prematurely.