How Do You Cut Stainless Steel?

How Do You Cut Stainless Steel?

In order to cut stainless steel, set up a safe work space, assess the thickness of the steel, and use the correct tool for cutting. Circular saws work well for thinner pieces of steel, while plasma cutters are necessary for thicker pieces.

  1. Set up the work space

    Make sure there are no combustible items or substances around the work space because as the metal is cut, sparks fly off of it. Wear safety glasses so the sparks do not fly in your eyes and damage them.

  2. Assess the thickness of the piece

    If the piece is less than 1/4 inch, a circular saw works fine for cutting. Pieces thicker than that need to be cut by a more sophisticated tool such as a plasma cutter.

  3. Cut the steel with circular saw

    For a circular saw, use a marker to mark where you want to cut, and clamp the piece in place so it does not move during the cutting. Gradually move the spinning blade down to the marked line, and cut through the material. Burrs and imperfections in the cut can be smoothed out with a grinder and sandpaper.

  4. Cut the steel with a plasma cutter

    If the piece is too thick for a circular saw, use the plasma cutter. With the piece on a stable cutting surface, start the torch about 3 inches away from the steel. Keep a steady hand while you move the cutter along the line you want to cut.