How do you cut slate?


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To cut slate, mark the cutting line with a grease pencil, clamp the slate to a flat surface, wet the cutting line, and cut the slate. You need a grease pencil, a jigsaw, a carbide-bit abrasive blade, water, a spray bottle, clamps and a flat work surface.

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  1. Mark the cutting line

    Lay the slate on your work surface, and mark the cutting line with a grease pencil. Choose a pencil color that is highly visible against the slate.

  2. Clamp the slate

    Clamp the slate to your work surface so the section to be cut hangs off of the edge. Use at least two clamps.

  3. Wet the cutting line thoroughly

    Fill a spray bottle with water, and saturate the cutting line. Keep the spray bottle handy.

  4. Cut the slate

    Attach a carbide-bit abrasive blade to your jigsaw, turn it on, and start cutting. Spray the slate with water as you cut, but do not spray the saw. Cut the slate in 10-second intervals, and cool the saw blade for 30 seconds after every cutting pass. Spray the blade with water to hasten the cooling, and then resume cutting. Alternate cutting and cooling until you reach the end of the cutting line.

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