How Do You Cut Roses?


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To cut roses, fill a bucket with water, choose an ideal rose, cut and trim the rose, store it in the bucket, and transfer it to a vase. Monitor the health of the rose, and trim it or change the water as necessary.

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  1. Prepare the water

    Fill a bucket with water, and bring it to the rose bush.

  2. Select your rose

    Wait until 3 p.m. before cutting, so that the rose has maximum food reserves. Choose a bud that has started blooming, but is no more than half-open.

  3. Trim the rose

    Make sure your pruners are sharp and clean. Cut the rose. Remove any leaves below your vase's water line, but leave three or more leaves above the line. Place the rose in the bucket of water.

  4. Put the rose in the vase

    Mix a floral preservative or dash of lemon-lime soda into the water of the vase. Alternatively, mix in a solution of 1 tablespoon sugar and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Place the rose in the vase, and put the vase in a cool area. Keep the rose out of direct sunlight for three hours.

  5. Care for the rose

    Replace the water once it becomes dirty. If the rose wilts, cut off the bottom of the stem, and place the rose in very warm water for one hour.

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