How Do You Cut PVC Pipe?

How Do You Cut PVC Pipe?

To cut PVC pipe, mark the measurement on the pipe, using masking tape as a guide, secure the pipe so that it won't move, then cut carefully along the marked line with a hacksaw or pipe cutting tool. This process takes about 10 minutes and requires a PVC pipe, masking tape, a measuring tape, a pencil, a miter box, and a hacksaw or pipe cutter. Wear protective eye wear and a dust mask to prevent injury.

  1. Measure the pipe

    Use the measuring tape to determine where the cut should be on the PVC pipe. Apply masking tape all the way around the pipe on the area to be cut. Use the tape as a guide to draw a straight line around the pipe with the pencil. Remove the tape.

  2. Secure the pipe

    Stabilize the pipe in a miter box with scrap wood tucked behind the pipe to secure it. Put on protective eye-wear and a dust mask.

  3. Cut the pipe

    Cut the pipe with a hacksaw or pipe cutter along the pencil line. If using a hacksaw, when the top of the hacksaw reaches the pipe, carefully pull the saw out and turn the pipe over. Cut along the pencil line on the other side to complete the cut.