How Do You Cut Plexiglass?


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Cut plexiglass by repeatedly scoring the surface with a glass cutter and breaking the scored edge against a hard surface. This takes only a few minutes. You need a sheet of plexiglass, a grease pencil, a ruler, a hard surface, a glass cutter and a power saw.

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  1. Mark the plexiglass

    Mark the place where you want to cut the plexiglas with a grease pencil. Make sure that the edge is straight by measuring and marking the line with a ruler.

  2. Score the plexiglass

    Place the plexiglass on a work surface. Using the glass cutter, score the line that you marked. Repeat the scoring process between five and 10 times. This enables the scored edge to break off more easily in the next step.

  3. Break the scored edge

    Sharply smack the scored edge on the edge of a hard surface. This should break the plexiglass along the scored line.

  4. Smooth out the edges

    Set up a power saw. You need a blade for the saw that is specially made to cut through acrylic or aluminum. The teeth of the blade need to be fine in order to effectively cut the plexiglass. Smooth out the edges of the plexiglass using the power saw.

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