How Do You Cut Pine Tree Roots That Are Above Ground?

Pine tree roots that have appeared above ground can be problematic, as they may disrupt foundations, plumbing or driveways. However, cutting the roots may weaken or kill the tree. The entire process should take around two weeks; to get started, all you need is a shovel, a chainsaw or handsaw and some water.

  1. Expose the roots

    Use a shovel to dig around the roots until they are fully exposed. Dig deep enough so that approximately 2 feet of underground roots are showing. Ensure that you have enough space to safely use your chainsaw or handsaw on the exposed roots.

  2. Cut the roots

    Cut away the underground roots and discard. Do not treat the cuts with wound paint, as this prevents the tree from creating the necessary protective callus. If possible, remove roots over an extended duration.

  3. Refill and evaluate

    Refill the hole with soil, and water regularly. Continue watering for a period of two weeks. Determine what effect the removal of the roots had on the tree. If the tree begins leaning to one side or shows any form of instability, remove it immediately as it may cause harm to people, animals or objects. Keep an eye out for any signs of disease, and be aware that it sometimes takes several years for effects to show.