How Do You Cut Pavers?

How Do You Cut Pavers?

To cut paver stones, install a diamond masonry blade on your circluar saw, mark the desired cut line, turn on the saw and slowly lower it across the desired cut line on the paver. If you have a thick paver, cut through half its depth, flip the paver, and repeat.

  1. Install a diamond blade

    Standard saw blades cannot handle cutting through stone, and thus it is necessary to purchase a diamond masonry blade and install it into your circular saw before attempting to cut stone pavers.

  2. Measure the desired cut of the paver

    Measure where you want to cut the paver and mark the desired cut line by drawing a piece of chalk across the length of a straight edge.

  3. Set the cutting depth

    If you have thick stone pavers, set the cutting depth of the saw to only cut through half of the stone. If you try to cut the entire depth, the saw blade may kink and bind.

  4. Wet the paver to lessen the dust

    Cutting a paver with a saw produces a lot of dust. Wetting the paver beforehand helps consolidate some of the dust, making the job cleaner and more precise.

  5. Cut the first side of the paver

    Position the stone so that the cutting line is aligned with the saw blade. Turn on the saw and slowly lower it into the paver. Once in position, slowly glide the saw blade across the length of the paver.

  6. Flip the paver and cut the opposite side

    If you previously set the cutting depth to only half the depth of your paver, then flip the paver over and repeat step five.