How Do You Cut a Mortise and Tenon?


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There are two methods of cutting a mortise and tenon: During the first cutting, separate pieces of timber marked with mortise and tenon are put in a vice. A tenon is cut using a tenon saw, while a mallet and chisel are used for cutting a mortise. In the second cutting, a band saw is used to cut the tenon, and for mortise, the mortising machine is used.

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The mortise and tenon form a traditional joint that is popular because of its strength. There are various kinds of mortise and tenons with different uses. However, they often are used in tables and doors. The strength of a mortise and tenon is determined by a snugly fitting joint. Making mortise and tenon joints involves the following steps: marking out the mortise and tenons, cutting the tenon, deciding where to position the joint and marking out the mortise, cutting the mortise, confirming interlocking ability of the mortise and tenon, and bonding the joint with clamps and an adhesive. The first cutting involves putting the piece of timber in a vice on a slight angle so as to create a straight cut. The tenon is then cut along the lines. In the second cutting, the tenon is cut along the lines as in the first cutting.

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