How Do You Cut a Mirror in Seven Steps?


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To cut a mirror, the surface of the mirror must be scratched where the cut is desired. Pressure must be applied to break the mirror. Items needed to cut a mirror are an uncut mirror, window cleaner, paper towels, a wheel cutter, running pliers and a mirror edge sealant.

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How Do You Cut a Mirror in Seven Steps?
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  1. Buy an uncut mirror

    Purchase an uncut mirror, and determine the design pattern.

  2. Clean the mirror

    Use window cleaner and paper towels to clean the mirror. Any dust or dirt left on the mirror can cause the glass to chip or break during the scoring process. Draw the diagram onto the mirror.

  3. Place the wheel cutter

    The wheel cutter must be placed vertically on the reflective side of the mirror. The mirror is likely to break if the cutter is not positioned correctly.

  4. Apply pressure

    Apply downward pressure to the wheel cutter as rolls across the pattern. A screeching sound should be heard if the process is performed correctly, but not hearing this sound means that more pressure needs to be applied. Pressing too hard creates small chips that may get under the wheel and damage or dull the cutter.

  5. Continue scoring

    Continue to score the mirror until the outline is complete.

  6. Position running pliers

    Position the running pliers so that the bottom jaw touches the score. Squeeze the pliers to widen the score line.

  7. Seal the edges

    Seal the edges of the mirror with mirror edge sealant.

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