How Do You Cut Lexan?


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Cut Lexan with any powered circular saw for straight cuts, or use a band saw, jigsaw or scroll saw for curves and more intricate details. Cut thin sheets with a utility knife.

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Make straight cuts in full sheets or large pieces with a table saw. Use a specialized blade designed for cutting light metals and plastics. Set the blade depth approximately 1/2 inch deeper than the thickness of the material. Leave the protective film in place during cutting to minimize chipping and prevent scratches. Use the table saw fence for clean, straight cuts. Similar cuts can be made with a handheld circular saw.

For curves, set a band saw or scroll saw guide just a little higher than the thickness of your material and cut with a smooth, constant motion, steering the piece through the blade to follow the desired line. Use a jigsaw if handheld cuts are required or other tools are not available. Install a fine-toothed blade such as those used for light plywood or metal. If the saw has an adjustable blade action, set it for the smoothest possible cut to prevent chips.

Make straight cuts in thin pieces using a utility knife with a fresh blade installed. Drag the blade along the line of the cut, pressing firmly to create a distinct line along the full length of the cut. Position the sheet so that the line of the cut is aligned to the top of a table, workbench or other steady surface with a straight edge. Press down on the piece to be removed to snap the sheet along the line.

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