How Do You Cut a Laminate Sheet?

A laminate sheet can be cut with a trim router, circular sabre saw, fine-tooth backsaw or utility knife. When cutting laminate material, it is important to use a thin blade especially made for that material.

Laminate is an inexpensive yet durable material for counter tops. While it is easy to install and much easier to cut than other products, such as granite or tile, there are still a few steps one has to follow to ensure a proper cut and fit.

  1. Measure the space
  2. Before starting any cuts, measure the space to which the laminate will be applied. The old adage of "measure twice, cut once" definitely applies in this case. Be sure the measurement is accurate, then add 1 inch to all sides to account for any chipping or splitting that may happen while cutting.
  3. Lay out and mark the laminate
  4. Lay the piece of laminate out on a flat work surface, face up. Use a pencil to mark the lines where the cuts will be made. It may be helpful to mark the lines with masking tape, as this tends to cut down on chipping and also makes the line easier to see.
  5. Make the cuts
  6. Use the tool of choice to cut the laminate. Regardless of the tool used, it should have a thin blade to reduce the chance of splits or chips. Cut at a low angle and use a straight edge or steel square to help guide the knife.