How Do You Cut Laminate Flooring Around a Toilet?

Cutting laminate flooring to fit around a toilet involves measuring carefully, marking the flooring and cutting with the correct tool. Because of the moisture build-up common in this area of a bathroom, the laminate flooring should go under the base of the toilet to the flange and be cut around this opening, not the toilet itself.

First, it is necessary to know how much laminate is needed for a custom installation, so measure the dimensions of the bathroom carefully. Measure all the way to the flange of the toilet, which is the pipe in the floor over which the fixture is installed. Mark the laminate with chalk or pencil so it can be erased. Choose a tool that best fits the job: a chop saw, a circular saw or a jigsaw. According to UK Flooring Direct, chop saws are best for making repetitive cuts on the short ends of laminate boards, although they do create a lot of dust. Circular saws are better for cutting long, straight lines. Cordless jigsaws work well for cutting the curve that goes around the pipe.

Laminate chips easily, so it is necessary to use a blade with fine teeth. Cut downwards into the laminate rather than up, as with other materials. If using a handsaw, cut the laminate with the decoration side up, and only apply pressure on the down stroke. Because the laminate flooring is going around pipes, it is necessary to notch the circular area. Use a jigsaw to notch the planks, leaving a one-quarter-inch space to allow for the pipe.