How do you cut laminate countertops?


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Cut laminate countertops using a handsaw or a power saw. Measure the length carefully and make a mark on the countertop indicating where to cut, then use a carpenter’s square to extend the line across the countertop. Clamp a straightedge to the laminate as a cutting guide.

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Before beginning the cut, ensure both ends have support so that the countertop does not break midway through the cut. The tape prevents splintering of the laminate. Place a metal straightedge along the mark for the cutting line and score the tape along the line using a utility knife.

To place the straightedge for cutting, place the saw blade at the mark and mark the edge of the saw’s base. Extend this mark with the carpenter’s square and clamp a piece of 1-inch lumber on the mark. Use C-clamps to hold the guide in place while cutting.

To cut an opening for a sink, mark the center of the sink on the countertop. Place the template the manufacturer supplies with the sink on the counter and align the center points. Trace the template onto the countertop. Use a drill to cut a hole at one of the corners of the sink. Cut the opening using a portable jigsaw.

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