How Do You Cut Grass?


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Cut grass by mowing straight rows across the lawn and overlapping each row by up to 2 inches. Mow on a dry day, and leave the clippings on the lawn as fertilizer.

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  1. Choose the appropriate time to mow

    Cut your lawn when it is dry, which keeps the grass from clumping. Do not mow the grass during the hottest part of the day because extreme heat puts more stress on the lawn.

  2. Set the mower's cutting height

    Set the mower blades to cut up to one-third of the grass height. Cutting more than one-third of the height at once can cause the lawn to turn brown and develop weeds.

  3. Cut header rows

    Start mowing by cutting strips at the top and bottom of the lawn and around flower beds. These header strips are the places where you turn at the end of a row.

  4. Mow in strips

    Mow straight lines between the header strips, overlapping each previous row by 1 to 2 inches. Change the pattern of the strips every other time you mow to achieve clean cuts. For instance, mow strips that are parallel to the house one week, and then switch to perpendicular strips the next week.

  5. Discharge the clippings

    As you mow, let the clippings spray onto the area that is cut. After mowing, use a rake to break up any clumps, and leave the clippings to supply nitrogen to the lawn.

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