How Do You Cut a Granite Countertop at Home?

How Do You Cut a Granite Countertop at Home?

The task of cutting a granite countertop at is at least a two-man project and requires specialized tools such as a power saw with diamond blades. It is also a good idea to use blade collars to minimize vibration while cutting and thereby reduce the risks of botching the project.

The following shows one method of cutting a granite countertop.

  1. Wear protective gear
  2. Cutting into granite will produce dust, which can cause irritations in the respiratory system when inhaled. Wearing a respirator while cutting lessens the risk of inhaling the dust. A protective worker's mask and thick clothing also provide protection from shards of granite that may fly out while cutting.Using a power tool with a vacuum cuts the dust generated by the cutting to a minimum.

  3. Take careful measurements
  4. Take several measurements on the granite to ensure that the cutting processresults in the desired countertop dimensions. Consider the use and the appliances that will occupy the countertop when deciding on its size. Make visible marks on the granite to use as a guide when cutting.

  5. Make the cuts
  6. Start cutting into the granite carefully following the marks that were made. If the dust or the cutting itself obscures or erases the marks, clean the surface or make the necessary marks again.

  7. Polish
  8. Polishing and blunting off the sharp edges on the granite requires an expensive automated edge shaping machine. It will be significantly cheaper to hire a professional to complete this part of the project.