How Do You Cut Granite?


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Make minor cuts in granite using a circular saw fitted with collars and a diamond blade. Cover the cutting line with masking tape to minimize chipping. Provide adequate support for heavy granite material.

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  1. Provide proper support

    Use a portable workbench or sawhorses to provide support when cutting granite. The surface should be strong and stable to minimize vibrations for a smoother cut.

  2. Prepare the circular saw

    If making large cuts, a better option may be transporting the granite to a company that is equipped for making wet cuts on granite. For small cuts, attach a diamond blade to the circular saw. Install collars, which are large washers designed to minimize the vibration of the turning saw blade.

  3. Mark the cuts

    Measure to determine the finished size of the counter top, and mark the line. Check measurements a second time before cutting. Apply masking tape along cutting lines to prevent chipping the material as you cut.

  4. Cut the slab

    Provide adequate ventilation when making dry cuts by moving the work outside or opening windows. Dry cutting granite creates a great deal of dust. Work through the cut slowly, allowing the diamond blade to do the work. Avoid forcing the saw through the material, which increases vibration and the potential for damage.

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