How Do You Cut and Glue Corian?

To cut and glue a solid surface material counter top, such as Corian, take precise measurements and use a circular saw to make the cuts, and then use a two-part epoxy adhesive to glue the surfaces together. Consider making a template from a piece of wood to ensure proper sizing and cutting of the solid surface material.

Use the following steps in order to cut and glue Corian properly.

  1. Cut the surface
  2. To cut straight lines, set the surface on saw horses with a soft top and use a circular saw to cut, leaving about 1/4-inch extra length. Set the blade about 1/8-inch longer than the surface length to cut into the soft wood top. Then, use a router to clean the edges.

  3. Make mirror cuts
  4. For seam pieces, use a mirror cutting technique to cut both sides at once, ensuring a perfect seam. Clamp the two pieces together, along with a straight-edge piece as a guide. Then, use a router to make the mirror cut.

  5. Make curved cuts
  6. For round cuts, such as around the sink, make a template from wood and cut around the template with a router.

  7. Glue the seams
  8. Before gluing the seams together, use hot glue to attach 2-inch blocks on the bottom of the solid surface. These will be used as clamping blocks to keep the surface together after the adhesive is applied. Then, apply tape around the seam to protect the surface from the adhesive. Apply two strips of adhesive, with one along either side. Then, push the surfaces together and clamp.

  9. Sand
  10. After the adhesive dries, sand the underside and attach the seam plate with adhesive. Then, use a ski router to remove excess adhesive from the top side, and then sand down the remaining adhesive. Finish the surface in the desired polish.