How Do You Cut Drywall?


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Cut dry wall by scoring it on one side with a utility knife, snapping it back to break it at the score mark, and then turning it over and cutting at the fold. Use a drywall square to mark the cut and to guide the knife while scoring.

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  1. Measure and mark the cut

    Measure carefully, and draw a line using a drywall square to keep the mark straight and square.

  2. Score the cut

    Hold the drywall square along the mark. Run a sharp utility knife along the edge of the drywall square to cut through the paper covering the drywall and a bit of the gypsum underneath.

  3. Snap the drywall back at the score mark

    Hold onto the drywall with one hand on either side of the score mark. Snap the edges back bending the board at the score mark. This cracks the gypsum along the score line. When removing a narrow edge piece, lay the board on a flat surface score-side up with the portion to be removed hanging over the edge. Apply pressure on the edge with the flat of your hand to break the board.

  4. Cut the other side

    Turn the drywall over. Hold the drywall square along the fold mark. Cut carefully with the utility knife to break the paper and finish the cut.

  5. Smooth the edge

    If necessary, smooth the cut edge with a surface-forming plane or file.

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