How Do You Best Cut Door Frames When Laying Laminate Flooring?


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The best way to cut a door frame when laying down laminate flooring is to use an oscillating tool to cut away the frame to make space for the laminate beneath it. Hand saws are clumsy and inexact, but with an oscillating tool, precise measurements can be achieved.

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The cutting process is simple. Jamb saws and other cutters can be rented or bought at most hardware outlets.

  1. Measure with laminate
  2. Cut a sample of the laminate. Use this to determine how much of the frame needs to be cut.

  3. Undercut the frame
  4. Undercut the frame with a hand saw or cutter. Do this at the exact height of the laminate sample on bare floor.

  5. Lay laminate
  6. Lay down the flooring. The frame should be flush with it.

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