How Do You Cut Crown Molding?


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Cut crown molding by clamping a piece upright to a miter saw and cutting. The timing of this project depends on the amount of crown molding you need to cut. You need a power miter saw, crown molding, a cleat and a clamp.

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  1. Set the crown molding on the saw

    Set the crown molding in place on the miter saw at the location where you want to cut it. Make sure to set it at the position in which it later needs to be installed, with the piece inverted and the bottom of the piece against the fence and the back of the piece against the saw.

  2. Clamp the piece of crown molding in place

    Place a cleat against the crown molding so that the molding is right against the saw's fence. Clamp the cleat into place; this keeps the crown molding tightly in place as well.

  3. Cut the crown molding

    Set the saw to a 45-degree angle chops. Cut the piece of crown molding at the desired length.

  4. Make an opposing miter cut

    Make an opposing miter cut to connect two pieces of crown molding at an outside corner. After cutting one piece of board at the 45-degree angle, remove it, and place the mating piece of crown on the saw. Adjust the saw to an opposing miter cut, and cut the second board.

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