How Do You Cut Corrugated Plastic Roofing?

Use a utility knife to cut the corrugated cardboard along pre-measured and marked lines. Thicker sections of the plastic roofing may be cut with a band saw.

Corrugated plastic roofing is a lightweight material that is effective at keeping out the rain and snow. Ideal for small sheds and outbuildings, it is possible to cut this plastic roofing with just a utility knife, band saw, marker and measuring tape.

  1. Prep and measure
  2. Lay the corrugated plastic on top of a cutting surface. If the surface needs protection, put a few layers of cardboard underneath the plastic roofing. Use a tape measure to find the correct spots to cut through the plastic. An ink marker works well to mark these lines for cutting. Put on work gloves and goggles before starting.
  3. Make the cuts
  4. Use the utility knife to score the plastic surface by drawing it perpendicular along the marked cutting lines. A straightedge or ruler may help make straighter cuts. Draw the knife over the scored line repeatedly and firmly until it cuts through the plastic.
  5. Cut with a band saw
  6. Use a band saw or other thin bladed saw to cut through any difficult or thicker areas of the corrugated plastic. Work slowly to ensure a clean cut with few splinters.