How Do You Cut Corian?


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To cut Corian, cover the piece in masking tape, and then cut through it with a scroll saw at an angle. You need a scroll saw that runs at 900 to 1000 strokes per minute, a scroll blade specially made to cut through Corian, a diamond hone and masking tape.

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  1. Install the blade

    Secure the specialized blade in the scroll saw, and set the stroke rate to 900 to 1000 strokes per minute.

  2. Ensure the blade is square

    Hold a protractor square against the table and blade of the saw to ensure the two are square with one other. Correct the blade if it is not square with the table.

  3. Hone the blade

    Turn on the saw. Run the honing stone over the back of the blade to round the blade out, and then turn off the saw.

  4. Tape the material

    Cover the piece of Corian with masking tape.

  5. Draw the pattern

    Draw the pattern your project calls for over the masking tape.

  6. Position the piece

    Hold the piece at an angle if you wish to cut a straight line, and then turn on the saw.

  7. Cut through the piece

    Cut through the piece of Corian carefully until your pattern is cut out.

  8. Polish the piece

    Turn off the saw, and polish the cut.

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