How Do You Cut Concrete Blocks to Make Them Smaller?


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Options for cutting a concrete block so it is smaller include using a hammer and chisel, a masonry saw or a splitter. The saw makes a precise and smooth cut, while the hammer and chisel make a rough and jagged one. The splitter cut is also rough but precise. When cutting concrete, always wear protective gear, including gloves and safety glasses.

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How Do You Cut Concrete Blocks to Make Them Smaller?
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To make a cut using a hammer and chisel, use a straightedge to mark a line around the perimeter of the block. Using the hammer, tap the chisel and cut a 1/8-inch score along the line. Once the block is completely scored, hit the chisel with sharp blows until it splits.

When using a saw, mark the cutting line with a pencil and ruler. Align the mark with the saw blade and start the saw. Move the blade through the concrete and slowly complete the cut. Once the block is cut, turn off the saw so the blade comes to a complete stop before removing the materials.

To cut with a splitter, align the block between the cutting blades at the desired position. Pull the lever down until the block splits.

Some concrete block manufacturers offer half-height and half-length blocks. Using these materials can reduce the number of cuts the project requires.

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